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The life line of website : Link Building

Which web sites are adding to your site? It’s decisive that the web sites linking to your website are significant to the content on your site and the linking site is measured an authority in its field by the search engine.

How many web sites are adding to your website? The number of appropriate sites that link to you is an essential for your site. The Google page rank that contain (1-10) of each web site that links to your website? This is a key factor because a high page rank relevant site linking to your website is much healthier than a low page rank site.

Link building

can be the most stressing and annoying thing to do for small companies or those who are not knowledgeable on how to go about it. This is because for businesses and people who are trying to promote their websites there are forever bigger and better competitors who are well versed on how to go around the process thus they always find the advertising that other companies yearn for. On the other hand, creating a deep linking depth is not a tough task and companies or persons should just learn how to do it well and they will have a vast traffic viewing their sites and thus give their products a huge boost.

Link bait- is high quality content with the specific aim or feature, within a website, designed specifically that will attract other website and encourage people who will want to link to the website. The website should build highly educational and interesting enough to catch people’s attention. The content of link baiting would be a text, audio, image or video clip and it interesting enough to attract the people attention.

Link Magnetism - The link magnet concept develops high quality content that most powerful and important to understand for companies needs desperately but have not been able to find anywhere, the company discusses this matter and provides a solution to it but for those only linked to their website. This attracts a vast crowd of viewers who will want to be connected to this website so that they can get the solution.

Dead link building - Broken link building is one of the strategies that looks for missing content or broken links by the other companies that they are related to and link their site to it. A company or individual should have valuable content such that when customers link to it they do not go back to the previous page because they find what that are looking for in the new site. This is a simple way to build deep links for a company or individual at any time without experiencing any form of difficultie

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